Hey there,

I am a Senior Product Designer with TXI in Chicago. I collaborate with talented engineers and product managers to create custom software solutions for our clients.

Our expertise lies in crafting exceptional Rails and React applications tailored to meet our clients' unique needs.

My journey began over a decade ago, when I enrolled in one of the first web bootcamps in 2011, The Starter League.

This transformative experience ignited my passion for web development and set me on the path to where I am today.

Following the bootcamp, I transitioned into front-end development and channeled my expertise through mentoring startups at Techstars.

In 2014, my growing interest in interaction design led me to join the team at Drawn.

Seeking to expand my design strategy and research capabilities, I joined gravitytank in 2016.

This company was subsequently acquired by the Salesforce Ignite team, further enriching my professional journey.

Today, I am committed to continually refining my web development and design skills, staying current with industry trends, and delivering outstanding solutions to our clients at TXI.